Business Diversification – Grow in New Markets

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Statistics prove companies that sell to a variety of customers and markets enjoy more predictable sales, profits, employment, and higher employee retention & satisfaction.

  • Does your company ride the Market Rollercoaster?
  • Is your company as diversified as your Investment Portfolio?
  • Do your ride your Customers’ Rollercoaster?

Build a Market Development Process

business diversification, market diversification, market development

  • Identify “best fit” markets
  • Classify barriers to entry
  • Increase channels used such as Reps, Distributors, and Online selling
  • Expand geography – achieve nationwide and international export sales
  • Diversify industries served
  • Take the guesswork out of new market entry
  • Develop a new market pipeline

Build New Market Entry Pipeline

market pipeline, market research, market entry

  • Prioritize market entry based on ROI
  • Market Research identifies “best fit” markets
  • Grow using a path of least resistance
  • Benefit from synergies of action. For example, a new Sales Rep
    expands your sales into a new region. Customer in new region
    introduces your firm to a division in a new industry. Each action generates incremental sales opportunities
  • Learn and apply best practices to overcome barriers to entry
  • Learn and apply best practices to establish your company’s visibility and reputation in new markets

Deliverables – Business Diversification

  • Market pipeline
  • “Best fit” market profile
  • Research to prioritize “next best” market
  • New market entry campaigns
  • Network-building
  • Market Development process
  • Custom metrics & KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

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