Product Innovation – Grow with New Products & Servicesproduct innovation

Companies usually begin and grow with the founder’s great idea but eventually the competition catches up. Without new products or services, the company is forced to lower prices and begins a downward spiral. Many companies have ideas, few implement.

  • Is Your Company forced to Lower Prices to stay alive?
  • Does Your Team talk about the same ideas over and over and never get ahead?
  • Do You Remember the last time your company launched a new product or service successfully?

Innovation aims to re-fire the great idea engine that leads to steady growth and profits. Statistics prove companies
that inspire innovation enjoy the most satisfied customers and employees, continuing the upward spiral of growth.

Growth GPS inspires your people to action!

Build a New Product Development Process

CREATE ideas that provide incremental and game-changing competitive advantage

product innovation

  • Engage your employees to develop and share new ideas
  • Develop a new idea pipeline
  • Beat the competition

COMMUNICATE ideas as a cross-functional team

  • Evaluate ideas for feasibility, capability, cost & return
  • Prioritize development of ideas that fit your firm’s strategic direction & maximize ROI

COMMERCIALIZE ideas for speed to market

  • Pilot ideas at low-cost to gauge customer reaction
  • Learn – improve – try again
  • Reach a go/no-go decision quickly
  • Run with the winners

Build a New Idea-to-Product Pipelineproduct innovation process, speed to market

  • Take the guesswork out of new product development
  • Apply the PDCA Cycle: Plan-Do-Check-Act
  • Prioritize new product ideas based on real-world feedback
  • Allocate resources to the winners
  • Focus on new product launch not new product development

Deliverables – Innovation

  • Idea pipeline
  • “Best fit” idea priority process
  • Cross-functional teamwork
  • Employee engagement – bias for action
  • Idea conversion
  • New product/service launch process
  • New idea development process
  • Custom metrics & KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

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