Lead Generation – Grow with New Customers

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Statistics prove companies that follow a disciplined sales process generate 5-times the number of sales leads, RFQs, and new customers.

  • Does your company follow a repeatable process to Attract & Win
    New Customers?
  • Does your company benefit from a Sales Pipeline to forecast
    Future Sales?
  • Is your company choosy in Quoting only the RFQs that really fit?

Build a Sales Development Process

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  • Identify target prospect customers and build contact lists
  • Drive prospects to your company website
  • Develop sales leads by demanding attention with breakthrough messages
  • Make your company website an effective sales tool
  • Increase RFQs so you can choose to quote the best work for the long-term
  • Take the guesswork out of forecasting future sales
  • Enhance sales team efficiency by making “warm” calls

Build a strong predictable Sales Pipeline

  • Achieve sales goals by turning them into actions – develop the right number of RFQs, Sales Leads and Prospects
  • Increase your company’s visibility in current markets
  • Apply best practices to convert Prospects into Leads
  • Convert Sales Leads into RFQs
  • Prioritize best sales leads and RFQs for investing your limited time and resources
  • Build an efficient, metric-based sales process that delivers predictable new sales

Make your company Website a Sales Tool

website lead generation, website seo, website search

  • Lead Generation shortens the sales process using websites
  • Effective websites generate qualified sales leads
  • Increase website traffic
  • Apply Search SEO for your products & services not company name
  • Create visitor engagement that drives a “need to act” response
  • Demonstrate how your products & services solve tough customer challenges using Case Studies, Video, Blogs and more
  • Apply web analytics to convert visitors into sales

Deliverables – Lead Generation

  • Lead pipeline
  • Lead qualification process
  • Sales promotion campaigns
  • Sales messaging
  • Calls to action
  • Conversion rates – #Leads per RFQ, #RFQs per new customer
  • Sales development process
  • Custom metrics & KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)


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